How do you add an image gallery on eBay? can generate a non-active image gallery that you can use on sites like eBay. You can also paste the image gallery on other sites which restrict you to using non-active code and allow HTML & CSS.

  1. Select your images
  2. Click the CSS gallery button
how-to-css-gallery-button.png 8.32 KB

3. You'll see a preview of the gallery.

Tip: If the images you are using are huge, the gallery is not so easy to use. I personally recommend to first resize the images to 640 x 480 (medium) and generate a gallery with these resized images. The Copy & Resize button can be found next the CSS Gallery button.

4. Click the HTML/CSS code button and copy the code
ebay-gallery-copy-code.png 8.01 KB

5. Paste the code into the HTML tab of the eBay item description

ebay-html-tab.png 1.94 KB

Tip: If you've already added a description and are adding the gallery afterwards, there will be lots of code and text in the HTML tab. You can copy the code at the bottom below all other code to show the gallery at the bottom of the item description. Alternatively, search for the sentence you want the gallery to appear under or above and paste the code above or under that sentence. Watch out that you don't change any letters and words inside these type of brackets: < ... >

Warning: Don't remove or rename the images you've generated gallery code for. If you do so, you need to generate new gallery code and update your item description.

Tip: I recommend copying and resizing images into a separate folder and giving that folder a recognizable name which is related to the item you're selling. That way you are reminded that the images are being used and they shouldn't be renamed or deleted.
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