What are the different link code types?

When opening the link code button you see a popup allowing you to chose between different link code types:
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So what do these different types mean?

Direct link
The Direct link is a link you can post online that acts as a link. Following the link opens and displays the image and only the image in a single tab of your browser. This type of link you can copy and paste directly in your browser's address bar.
Example: https://d.img.vision/img.vision/icy-mountain-640x480.jpg

HTML link
The HTML link is code that embeds the full-sized image into a website. HTML code is the programming language used to display websites.
For example, eBay has a HTML tab, so you could paste the HTML code in there. If you post your item listing, visitors will see the full image displayed (without needing to click on a link).
Tip: You might want to resize photos first to smaller dimensions like 640x480px so that the image fits better on computer and mobile screens.
Example: <img src="https://d.img.vision/img.vision/icy-mountain-640x480.jpg" style="max-width:100%;" alt="Glacier Ice Mountain Nature Outdoors"/>

Forum code
Forum code or BBCODE is like the HTML code but specifically for online message boards and forums. The full sized image is displayed when posting the code. If you're active on online forums, you might recognize the square brackets.
Example: [IMG]https://d.img.vision/img.vision/icy-mountain-640x480.jpg[/IMG]

Markdown code
The Markdown code is specifically for more developer-minded people who use Markdown to format websites or posts. If you're not sure what Markdown is, you won't need this code for sure.
Example: ![Glacier Ice Mountain Nature Outdoors](https://d.img.vision/img.vision/icy-mountain-640x480.jpg)

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